John Cobb, PharmD. – Cobb’s Westside Pharmacy, Inc.

Judy has been handling our advertising for well over a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased with her services. While I knew the importance of advertising I simply couldn’t devote the amount of time required to advertise effectively. I had haphazardly advertised on radio and occasionally in print, but never on television as I thought I could never afford it, especially with production costs. Boy was I ever wrong! Thankfully Judy convinced me I could afford a television and radio advertising campaign that would be professionally produced and very effective. Now all I have to do is tell Judy each month what products or services we are featuring and she does the rest. Since we have been using Levanthal Productions our business has grown nearly 15% in large part due to a coordinated, professional and constant advertising presence in our market. I know our advertising is working because almost every day at least one person tells me they saw me on television or heard me on the radio or even better they ask about a product or service we advertised. I would highly recommend Levanthal Productions to anybody that wants a professional cost effective marketing company that will get results!

-John Cobb, PharmD.